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It’s one of those corporate buzz words that I hate, but find myself using because what else do you call it? Coming up with ideas? Setting the course? Action plan? All of those things and more.

I am at the point in my career, where strategy is the thing everyone is talking about, looking for. I have been on several job interviews in the last three years, and they all pretty much wanted to know how much I was involved in setting the strategy of communications within my firm.

I’ve struggled to answer that. Do I have the ear of the highest level? No – not really. I have some access, but not total. I’m not the head of my department; he’s the one with the direct access. Do I have input into how things are accomplished and what we work on? Yes, of course. Even if my boss is the one talking to the CEO, I’m the one helping him make the plans, and I’m certainly the one putting those plans into action.

Do I think I could be more involved in setting the internal communications strategy? Yes. But I seem to run up against a couple of issues. The primary one being time. Being the doer, most of my day is taken up by – you guessed it – doing. I’m not complaining about this aspect of my job, I quite enjoy it as it makes me feel accomplished. But all the day-to-day tasks it takes to keep an intranet up to date, company emails sent, social media feeds active coupled with the projects I work on, leaves not a whole lot of room for sitting around thinking about strategy.

But I know I need to do it. I need to actually read the emails I get from the different communication groups I belong to on LinkedIn and IABC. I need to do the research on Google Analytics and gamification and SEO and all the other little things that will give me additional insight. And, most importantly, I need to speak up and put together proposals and push to do things differently. Even if we never do, at least I will have tried.