Similar to my post about being the person who gets stuff done, I am also one of the (few apparently) people who retain emails and documents. Case in point, I regularly receive requests such as:

Do you happen to have the training log of people who attended the — training session (in December 2012)?

Why yes I do. Let me look back in my files and find the spreadsheet that I sent to HR/Learning & Talent Development/department holding training session/all of the above, of which you are a member, and find the information about the thing that happened two years ago, which you should have held on to somewhere because, probably, two years in the future, you’d suddenly need it. Not least because it is a legal/regulatory requirement that certain individuals within the firm attend this training session.

There is part of me that delights in being the person who can successfully look back in her emails or files and find such information. However, this is also the part of me that asks “Really, you didn’t hold on to the information about the training session you required a third of our staff attend?” Also, I don’t understand why I get asked these questions. To be fair, this one first went to someone in Legal, but still, it came from someone in the department that held the training. Two people in that department, that sit in the same office, just down the hall as the individual asking for the report, were on the email chain I found in my sent files and forwarded.

Sometimes I wonder how this place holds together at all. It boggles the mind.

But, in an effort to see the upside of this, the positive, learning moment, I can at least say that I’m helpful, which is a good thing. And I do like helping my fellow employees, if for nothing else than the karma points.