I have this notion that I’m going to figure everything out just by sitting here and staring at this computer screen. That’s probably not going to happen. In the mean time, I am hacking away at categorizing, listing, exploring, procrastinating the things I want to do – the stuff that might help me find the passion again. Where is the passion?

I need to break things up into smaller chunks to get things done. So today I am going to play around on social media and learn about stuff. I need something actually more concrete than that right? Because playing around has got me to three in the afternoon with not much accomplished. 

I did have an interesting discussion with one of my co-workers who sends me items that I then tweet out on our corporate Twitter feed. The information is interesting, but technical. Thus, there are times I can’t decipher what he’s saying so I have to trust that what he’s sent makes sense to our followers. Right now we don’t have a lot of followers on Twitter and we’re not reaching a lot of people. We talked about ways to broaden our reach. So that was productive. 

Working for a different organization, one that isn’t so technical, would be better for me. Where I work now, you really need a specific understanding to know what’s going on. For internal communications it’s not that necessary. But as I am taking over some of the external communications, it would be an advantage. And unfortunately the knowledge is above me.

So, in answering my question, that’s part of where the passion has gone. I would love to work for some place that challenges me and also brings out the passion in me, that I want to learn more about and truly educate other people about. I just don’t know what that is.