There have been no blog posts recently because I was on vacation. I had thoughts of doing some work on this blog, coming up with new topics, writing down ideas, drafting up posts. But, as I sit in front of a computer about nine hours a day and then play around on my phone/ipad another who knows how long, I decided a vacation should include limiting screen time. Even though I didn’t go anywhere, it was time not in the office, not thinking of work, and doing things that bring me joy.

Leading up to my 11-day vacation was the usual flurry of getting everything done before you leave so your colleagues won’t have to pick up too much of your work while you’re away. Since we are such a sparse team, I actually thought my boss might tell me I couldn’t take that long of a holiday. But I did intentionally schedule it during a slow time hoping that would help. And despite the fact that the one other person who could do the urgent and day-to-day work I do is gone, we actually have an intern. So I spent the last few weeks teaching her how to do most of my job. I even joked to my boss that he didn’t really need me (and I was only partially joking).

It makes me curious as to what would happen if I ever did get another job. There would be quite a hole. At this point, if anyone of us quit there would be quite a hole. But until we get information on what’s going to happen with our jobs, I’m not going to stop looking (more on my interview in a later post).

My time away was relaxing and I actually had a few days where I did fun stuff and forgot what day it was. That was nice. Now that I’m back, things are pretty much the same as when I left. No update on how we will be integrated into the new company or if we will be integrated into the new company.

So I continue with my current plan: continue to look for job, continue career/personal development, find my passion.