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I have been receiving some attention to my resume lately, luckily no one has asked me the “if you were an animal” question.

Of my four phone interviews and one face-to-face interview, there are a couple of positions that I am eager to see if I get a call back. After all this time spent interviewing the last couple of years, I feel like I know what I want and do not want. So these initial interviews feel more equitable and less like I’m selling myself.

One of the positions is focused primarily on Human Resources communications. It would be nice to have a clear objective to my work rather than be in a place where you’re getting requests from every which way. I also think being solely on the HR side of things would be refreshing. I often find myself gravitating toward wanting to communicate more about how things will impact employees, and not focusing as much on the business wins. It sounds like in this position there would be opportunities to really become engaged in areas such as corporate responsibility and employee volunteering.

Another position is more similar to where I am now, overseeing basically all of internal communications but with a head over me. The main difference would be I’d have a direct report. I think my lack of direct management experience is something that has held me back in other positions. Though I’ve managed interns before, if the position has a  team of two or more, hiring managers want to know you can handle that responsibility – understandably so.

So now I’m in the waiting period. I’m sure it’s difficult to talk to a bunch of people and decide which ones to go forward with for a second round. And I get that hiring managers have to do all this while trying to do their normal job (and quite often, the job of the role they’re trying to fill), but it just seems to take forever. And I never understand why, when they have made a decision one way or the other, they just don’t tell you. There have been so many times that I haven’t heard back from someone after an interview; it’s like I never went in.

There was one other position that I actually thought would be a good fit based on the interview with the HR recruiter. However, before I could even have a call with the hiring manager, they wanted me to do a personality test. Apparently my personality doesn’t mesh with their company. I suppose it’s better for both of us – would I want to work for a company that thinks they can learn what they need to know about me from this personality test? But it’s just irksome that’s how I get booted out of the process. At least I did get a call the next day.