So the other day I was browsing around the web and I googled “steps to finding a new job”. I came across this link: http://50waystogetajob.com/. Well that sounds promising. Except this isn’t the usual list of steps like “network” and “write down the companies you want to work for” and “make one step to getting a job/new job each day.” Sure, those things are there, but there are also things like figuring out how much money you need to live if you didn’t have a job for different periods of time. And then there was another link to a site called Living in the Gray. This organization is all about mixing work and home and finding work that is your passion. Which of course is something we all want to do – or at least I would like to do. And from there I found a link about this company profiled by Forbes and the type of company culture it has. And that’s it. I want this type of company culture. Not only that, I want a hand in creating this type of company culture. I want to help whatever company I work for be that company. Industry isn’t as important to me as that culture. Helping create that culture is what I really want to do.